End of a high speed chase, originally uploaded by t6hawk.

Quick snapshot of the police surrounding the dark sedan that was trying to get away. This was my first time witnessing a high speed chase in person. Not sure where it started but it was headed eastbound on Wye Rd / Hwy 630 and ended in Lindbrook where Hwy 630 intersects Twp Rd 512. It was just after 3am around Range Rd 210 that 4 RCMP vehicles chased a dark sedan eastbound past the car I was traveling in. We turned around to see what was going on and found the chase had ended in Lindbrook by the time we caught up.

Flat on it’s side., originally uploaded by t6hawk.

Preparing the SUV, originally uploaded by t6hawk.

This morning there was a car accident near my house. A Lincoln MKX ran a stop sign heading north and clipped the back end of a Canada Post van causing it to flip on it’s side. The Canada Post employee that was driving the van escaped with minor injuries according to the Canada Post supervisor I spoke to. No one from the SUV was injured.

This intersection has been a problem for years. There have been so many accidents caused by drivers not paying attention and running the stop signs. This was the first I’ve witnessed where a vehicle has ended up on its side though.